Do you Sell to the public?

In a word, no, we don't sell to the public, either through this website or otherwise. Tiger Tree is a wholesale company and as such, we only sell to onsellers. If you would like to take a look at some of our products or would like a list of stockists in your area, please don't register for the website but instead send an email to accounts@tigertree.com.au requesting information

How long do I need to wait between registering for access to the Tiger Tree website and receiving my username and password?

As the Tiger Tree website is restricted to trade customers, all registrations need to be manually vetted by staff in the office. Thus registrations are only processed during working hours, Monday to Friday. We thank you for your patience.


Do you have an minimum initial order amount?

Yes, the minimum order amount for a first order with us is $400. Subsequent re-orders will not attract the minimum.

There is already a shop near mine selling your jewellery, can I still do an order?

Unfortunately if we already supply someone close by to your shop then we will be unable to supply you with our ranges. If this is the case we will send you an email notification if you register with us.

How will I know that you have successfully received my order?

When we have received your order we will send you a brief confirmation email to confirm receipt.

What if you have sold out of one of the items that I have ordered?

If we sell out of an item backorders can be created on request.

How long will back orders take to dispatch?

It can take up to eight weeks.


When can I expect my order to arrive?

For most of the year your order will be despatched within 72 hours (Monday to Friday), pending payment. However, during certain periods i.e. during and after trade fairs, your order may take up to 10 days to despatch.

Will I have to pay freight on back orders?

No, we are happy to cover the additional cost of posting out back orders to you and will send them out free of charge.


What is your policy regarding faulty items?

We can credit or replace faulty items depending on your preferences and availability. No claims will be accepted unless made within 10 days from receipt of goods. Failure to claim during this time constitutes full acceptance of goods.